Lead, SD Rock Fall Inside Mine, Mar 1972


Lead (AP) -- Three Homestake Mining Co. miners were killed about 8 p.m. Tuesday when a large slab of rock fell from the roof of 32-33 D-E slope 19 ledge on the 5,900-foot level of the mine.
Killed instantly in the "fall of ground" accident were JAMES L. SKALSKY, 48; HARRY J. KINNEY, 27, and CARL L. SCHAMBER, 22.
Assistant foreman Del Adkins and shift boss SKALSKY were in the slope discussing the work assignment with miners KINNEY and SCHAMBER. After completing the discussion, Adkins, who was leaving the slope, was walking toward the exit raise followed by SKALSKY, KINNEY and SCHAMBER when the large slab suddenly fell, pinning the three men.
Adkins, who was in the lead, missed being hit, Homestake officials reported.
Further investigation is being conducted by Homestake officials, union officials and U.S. Bureau of Mines personnel.

The Daily Republic Mitchell South Dakota 1972-03-22