Edgemont, SD Child Falls Into Incinerator, Apr 1949


Hot Springs, April 13. (AP) -- A merciful death came this morning to claim a five-year-old Igloo girl who suffered severe and painful burns when she fell into an incinerator filled with hot coals near the Edgemont railroad station at 6:30 p.m. yesterday.
Rushed to the Lutheran Hospital at Hot Springs shortly after the accident, the youngster lived until 3:30 a.m. today. She was PATSY ANN TRIER, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Trier of Igloo. The child's father is a mail clerk on the Burlington Railroad.
The accident which resulted in painful third degree burns occurred while the youngster was playing near the Edgemont depot. She fell into the hot coals which were freshly discharged from the stoker of one of the steam engines, according to an account of the mishap reported here.
The tragedy happened within view of the child's parents and other persons standing near the station.
So badly burned was the youngster that physicians at Lutheran Hospital could not save her life. She has been removed to the McColley Funeral Home in Hot Springs where funeral arrangements are pending.

Huronite and the Daily Plainsman South Dakota 1949-04-13