Georgetown, SC Destructive Tornado, May 1868


From the Charleston News, May 12.
A terrible blow, attended with much damage to property and loss of life, took place above Georgetown, S. C., on Thursday last, between 2 and 3 o'clock P.M. The wind commenced at the plantations of DR. GAILLARD and MR. REESE FORD, on Black River, where the buildings were somewhat injured, and took a course from there to the Pedee River, where it passed immediately over the plantation of DR. FISHBURNE. At this point it was terribly severe, demolishing some thirty small buildings, breaking most of them entirely up, and injuring several large structures, and in the demolition of these houses some three colored persons were killed outright, and several others badly if not dangerously injured. The trees along the course of the wind presented a scene of entire destruction, being almost universally broken or rooted up, and in several instances were lifted from the ground to a great elevation. It is feared that further damage to life and property may be heard of. The hour being one when many persons were in the field and not at their residences, prevented a greater loss of life.

The New York Times New York 1868-05-16