Spartanburg, SC Brakeman Hit By Auto, Jan 1946


Spartanburg, Jan. 5. - (AP) - FREDERICK C. OLIVER, a railway brakeman, was struck and killed by an automobile early tonight as he attempted to halt motor traffic before an approaching freight train at a downtown grade crossing.
City officers who investigated the accident said the automobile which struck the railroad man did not stop after the accident.
Witnesses told investigating officers that the automobile passed a city bus and a transport truck to dart across the tracks and hit the brakeman as he waved his lantern in an effort to stop all main street traffic at the crossing. OLIVER was carried about 35 feet by the force of the blow, officers said.
State highway patrolmen tonight were attempting to connect the car which struck OLIVER with a vehicle, of similar description, which was involved in another hit-and-run accident about an hour prior to the main street crossing tragedy.

Florence Morning News South Carolina 1946-01-06