Hardeeville, SC Train Wreck, Aug 1920


Savannah, Ga., August 10–From twenty to thirty persons were injured this afternoon when Atlantic Coast Line train No. 83, New York to Jacksonville, was derailed four miles north of Hardeeville, S.C. The train consisted of nine coaches, six of which left the tracks and went over a five-foot embankment. Railroad men declare no one was killed. All available ambulances have been ordered to the union station here and reservations at Savannah hospitals have been made for the injured.

The following injured persons have been taken to the Savannah hospital:

Mrs. P.W. Brown, Savannah, back injured, serious
Mrs. Pauline Lane, Jacksonville, shoulder bruised, scalp wound
J.A. Garrard, 704 Wynnwood road, West Philadelphia, ribs broken
G.M. Barnes, Anderson, S.C.
N.P. Caddell, Charleston, S.C.
W.J. Craig, passenger traffic manager, Atlantic Coast Line, Wilmington, N.C. body bruises
A.B. Hemingway, Ridgeland, S.C., right shoulder fractured
Mrs. John Reitz, Mrs. Charles Reitz and John Reitz, Ashland, Pa., bruises on necks and hands
Mrs. Nettie Kimes, Fort Meade, Fla., bruised and shaken up
A number of injured were released from the hospital after examination

The Abbeville Press and Banner
Abbeville, SC
13 August 1920, page 3