Hanley, SK Killed by Lightning, Aug 1908


Succumbed to Injuries Received During Thunderstorm at Hanley.

Saskatoon, Sask., Aug. 18.---William Grafton, of Hanley, died in the hospital here to-day. Grafton was a married man with a family. One night recently he was awakened by a severe thunderstorm, and the family went into the parlor. Hardly had they gotten here, when the house was struck by lightning. The man was paralyzed and his wife and children stunned. When the woman recovered consciousness she found her husband on fire. After great exertion Mrs. Grafton raised her husband to a sitting posture, when the roof of the house fell in and the building caught fire. With great heroism she dragged her husband and children out of the flaming building and rushed for help. The husband, badly burned and partially paralyzed, was brought here and died in the hospital to-day.

Manitoba Morning Free Press, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 19 Aug 1908