Regina, SK Tornado, Jul 1912

Regina, SK Tornado, Jul 2014 Regina, SK Tornado, Jul 2014



Dozen Telephone Girls Near Death When Exchange Is Wrecked---Loss $5,000,000.

Regina, Sask., July 3.---It was a sorrowful sight on which Monday morning broke, after the havoc wrought by the cyclone which struck this city early Sunday night.  Citizens who had escaped death or injury aided the police during the long, weary night in the work of rescuing the injured and bodies of the dead from the ruins.

Thirty-six bodies had been recovered in the ruins.  The death list probably will be confined to fifty.  The militia has been recalled from its annual encampment and is in charge of the city.

The telephone exchange was razed with a dozen or so girls amongst the debris.  The power plant shared the same fate, and to make the work of rescue more terrible, the city is in darkness.

The loss will run into $5,000,000 on most conservative estimate and may run double this amount.  Dispatches received here placed the dead at 75 with a number injured who will die.

Grand Rapids Tribune, Grand Rapids, WI 19 Jul 1912

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