Moose Jaw, SK Airliner And Trainer Crash, Apr 1954

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City police, RCMP and RCAF police stood guard over the bodies where they lay on the golf course.
The planes hit at 10:03 a.m. (11:03 a.m. CST) 6,000 feet above this south-central Saskatchewan city. The trainer, manned by an English airman from a NATO training field outside Moose Jaw struck the North Star's right wing. The two aircraft fell apart and plunged down. Witnesses said the North Star fell with its tail burning. Some said an explosion was heard before it struck and the four-engined plane disintegrated; others reported that the fuselage was intact when it hit.

The Dead.
Following is the list of dead in the air disaster at Moose Jaw:
Crew of TCA Plane.
Capt. I. H. BELL, Vancouver.
First Officer D. W. GUTHRIE, Vancouver.
Steward LOU PENNER, Vancouver.
Stewardess M. L. QUINNEY, Vancouver.
E. F. CAMERSON, 42, of 351 Ash Street, Winnipeg, an executive of the North Star Oil Co.
ANDREW SMART, 42, of 943 Merriam Boulevard, Fort Garry. He was a storekeeper for TCA.
JAMES CROSSEN, 37, TCA employee in Vancouver and formerly of Winnipeg.
OSCAR BLANK, restaurateur of Vancouver, formerly of Winnipeg.
PAT REID, Imperial Oil executive of Toronto, formerly of Winnipeg and former prominent bush pilot.
MRS. PAT REID, Toronto.
RODNEY ADAMSON, Progressive Conservative member of Parliament for York West, Ottawa and Port Credit, Ont.
GEORGE SWENY, Vancouver.
ALAN CRAIG, TCA employee, Vancouver.
H. F. GEORGE, 30 Whitehall Ave., Toronto.
MRS. CAROL NELSON, TCA employee, Toronto.
Mrs. Nelson's daughter, CAROLINE, age 4.
D. WILSON, 402 Richview, Toronto.
G. H. GILLETT, 1058 Fulton Ave., West Vancouver.
MRS. C. G. NELSON, 315 Sharon Ave., Calgary.
A. BELZBERG, 531 Alexander Crescent, Calgary.
W. T. REID-HUNTER, Area land agent for Shell Oil Co., Calgary.
R. D. BAUGH, Beaconsfield, Que.
D. MATHESON, 3270 St. Zotique St., Montreal.
GERALD STANTON, 5835 Decelles St., Apt. 3, Montreal.
A. McVEY, Victoria.
W. I. BROOK, 238 West 63rd Ave., Vancouver.
C. G. HUTTON, Heaps, Waterouse, New Westminster, B.C.
W. H. McLEAN, Bathurst, N.B.
GEORGE R. GOODALL, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
JOHN GOODALL, Aberdeen, Scotland.
MRS. M. PIRIE, Aberdeen, Scotland.
MRS. A. DOUGLAS EDWARDS, 15 Afleek, Aberdeen, Scotland.
MISS J. FINNEY, London, England.
Ground Victim.
RCAF Trainer Victim.

Winnipeg Free Press Manitoba 1954-04-09