Issoudun, QB Jetliner Crashes, Aug 1957



Issoudun, Que. (CP) -- Seventy-nine persons died Sunday in Canada's worst plane crash when a big DC-4 dug deep into a swamp and tore apart, leaving flame-singed wreckage scattered over a wide area near this community 15 miles southwest of Quebec.
While available evidence pointed to lightning as one possible cause of the mid-afternoon tragedy, investigators set about an inquiry. The crash eclipsed the TCA accident last December when 62 persons died against a peak in B.C.
There was no official word available on what might have doomed the Maritime Central Airways plane, inbound for Torondo from London. Aboard were homing vacationers, including many former British servicemen. The plane had been chartered by an Ontario veterans association and was on course.
All but two of the passengers -- a Charlottetown father and his five-year-old son -- were from Ontario.
The aircraft was piloted by NORMAN RAMSAY of Montreal who had been with MCA two years.
The 37 year old pilot's licence was suspended for six months late in 1954 after a transport department board of inquiry blamed him for "negligence" in the crash of a TCA Super-Constellation near Brampton, Ont.
However, MCA described him as a 'good, well trained pilot.'
Wreckage of the plane is slowly sinking into water-soaked muskeg, deputy transport minister J. A. BALDWIN said in Ottawa.
He said a major pumping operation may be necessary to reach the wreckage for use in an investigation launched by the department. Craters containing plane sections were filling with water.
MR. BALDWIN said orders have gone to Quebec district officials to do whatever is necessary to bring out the wreckage, regardless of expense.
The worst commercial air accident in world history occurred June 30, 1956. A trans-World Airliner and United Airlines plane collided over the Grand Canyon and all 128 persons aboard the two craft were killed.
Eighty persons died in March 1950, as a chartered plane carrying soccer fans from a match in Dublin crashed at Cardiff, Wales.
The highest toll in any air disaster occurred near Tokyo June 18, 1953, when 129 homebound U.S. servicemen died in the crash of a U.S. Air Force plane.
Farmer ALFRED MARTEL, on whose land the plane crashed, saw and heard nothing. But his son, JEAN-GUY, 12, and hired man FERDINAND OLIVIER, 31, were in a field on a tractor and reported watching the stricken aircraft plunge "straight down." Their vehicle's roar drowned out the impact.



Grandfather and Uncle

My grandfather and young uncle were on this flight. Their name is mis-spelled in the passenger list. The name should be Gordon Thomlinson and Michael Thomlinson. My parents were waiting at Toronto airport for the flight and remember the horror and shock of being told, "the flight has crashed and there are no survivors" and then the airline people walked away. My Uncle Mike was only 14 years old and very close to my Mum. My sister was only 3 weeks old at the time and they were coming home to see the new baby.

My grandparents were on this flight

I just came across this webpage while doing research on my grandparents, Henry and Kate Goodwin. I was only three months old at the time when they died aboard this flight. Does anyone have any additional information on the public inquiry that investigated this flight? The crash seems to be a mystery according to newspaper accounts.

Thank you.

Issoudun air disaser

Is there any way of contacting relatives of the 1957 disaster. We have desperatley been trying to track down the sons (or grandchildren) of Lillian House who was a passenger ? After the disaster we recieved a letter from one of the sons however over time this has been lost and contact broken. If contact is possible we would be very very grateful.

My ancestors were on this flight

My ancestors were on this flight - the BURNS family visiting Ireland. My father remembers them coming to visit and the horror which the family experienced when they heard that all the men were dead. I am still researching this, however my father said that the Belfast Telegraph in Northern Ireland had a special salmon coloured cover paper which showed passport photographs and information of those who had taken the flight. If I find anything I will send out details.

Issoudin 1957

I saw your message of 27 September 2008 about your grandmother Lucy Baikie. I believe she visited my grandmother, Evelyn King, in Nottingham before her untimely death on her return to Canada. I met her on that visit. I have been researching my family history. I'm not sure if Lucy was my grandmother's cousin, but she was always referred to as 'Cousin Lucy who went to Canada.

Issodun Air Crash

Hello Sonia; I saw your post from August 1 and wondered if I might help you with your clients.
I don't have too much knowledge of the actual air crash, but do know where the memorial cemetary cairn is erected in Toronto. Feel free to contact me at the briarpatch1@hotmail.com email address if you think I might be able to help....
Regards, Stu

I am a home support worker.

I am a home support worker. I look after a client who lost her mother and father in a a plane crash. Issodon, Quebec. She is now 89 years old. She has not yet come to terms with her parent's death. I'm trying to help her. Can you help me with some info?

Thank you


issoudun 1957

My Grandfather's cousin Lillian was a passenger. She had come home to England to introduce her fiance "Al" to her family. My Father remembers talking to her at the family party the night before she was due to return to Canada. The whole family were deeply shocked by the tragedy. One of Lilian's sons wrote to her sister after the tragedy stating that his mothers deepest wish had been to return home to England to see her family. Her memory lives on in those that remember her, and in younger generations for years to come. My deepest condolences to all of you that lost loved ones on that fateful day.

thank you

Stuart -- Accept my condolences .. for your loss in this tragedy .. I really like your last statement .. very true and very heartfelt ..
Thanks for the sharing and I know many many feel as you do about the Buffalo disaster .. I know I do .
Stu Beitler

Mrs. Joyce Brown - passenger

My mother, Joyce Brown (nee Fisher) was on the fated flight.
I was 5 years old when the crash occured, and I remember driving from Pickering to Malton Airport with my father and my older sister to meet the flight and welcome back my mother.
Joyce was a war bride, and had travelled to England on her first trip home since arriving in Canada after World War 2.
Even at that early age, I distinctly recall being aware of the tragedy and the grief around me, but most of all I remember the promise my mother made me before she left for England: If I was a good boy, she would bring me a wonderful present when she came home.
I am posting this after several days of news coverage of the crash on February 12 2009 of Continental Airline flight 3407 near Buffalo New York. My heart goes out to the families of those lost on that flight.
Lives lived must always remember lives lost.