Issoudun, QB Jetliner Crashes, Aug 1957

Montreal (CP) -- The 79 dead in Sunday's Maritime Central Airways crash near Issoudun, Que.:
Captain NORMAN RAMSAY, Montreal.
First Officer PAUL RENAUD, Montreal.
Third Officer GORDON STEWART, Montreal.
Navigator LOU MORGAN, Australia.
Stewardess M. C. LEBLANC, Moncton, N.B.
Stewardess ANNE HARVEY, Moncton, N.B.
MR. and MRS. WILLIAM AINLEY, Willowdale, a Toronto suburb, visiting Manchester.
OSMOND ALBRIGHT, Vankteek Hill, Ont., visiting Gateshead-on-Tyne.
MRS. SIMPSON ALDERTON, Toronto, visiting Hendon, London suburb.
MRS. JAMES ASKEW and son FRANCIS, 15, Toronto, visiting Slookburgh, Grange-over-Sands.
MRS. LUCY BAIKIE, Hamilton, visiting Nottingham.
MR. and MRS. JAMES BANON, Toronto, visiting Edinburgh.
MRS. ALICE BARTER, Toronto, visiting Sittingbourne, Kent.
MR. and MRS. ALBERT BLACKER, Scarborough, Ont., visiting Poole, Yorkshire.
MRS. ELIZABETH BLYTH and MISS JESSIE BLYTH, believed mother and daughter, Scarborough, Ont., visiting Edinburgh.
MISS BARBARA BREBNER, Islington, Ont., and MISS MARGARET BREBNER, Toronto, visiting Aberdeen.
MR. and MRS. JAMES BRICKETT, Parry Sound, Ont., visiting Brighton.
MRS. JOYCE BROWN, Pickering, Ont., visiting Walton-on-Thames.
MRS. JOYCE BROWN and ELAINE BROWN, an infant, Hamilton, visiting Sunderland.
ROBERT and JOHN BURNS, Windsor, Ont., visiting County Cavan, Ireland.
WILLIAM BURNS, Windsor, visiting Ireland.
(ROBERT, JOHN and WILLIAM BURNS are believed to be brothers).
MRS. NANCY COATES, Galt, visiting Darlington, Yorkshire.
MRS. ELIZABETH COCHRANE, Galt, visiting Wirral, Cheshire.
MRS. FLORENCE DREWITT, Hamilton, visiting Elstead, Surrey.
ARNE ERLINGSEN, Toronto, visiting Barrow-in-Furness.
CHARLES GRANBY, Willow Cove, Ont., visiting Bristol.
MRS. FRANCES GRANBY, Hamilton, visiting Bristol.
MR. and MRS. HENRY GOODWIN, Smith Falls, Ont., visiting London.
MRS. ALICE GUTHRO, Hamilton, visiting Elstead, Surrey.
MRS. VIOLET HANNEN, Mount Dennis, Ont., visiting in Essex.
MR. and MRS. ROBERT HENDERSON, Guelph, visiting Northern Ireland.
MR. and MRS. ART HILL, Scarborough, Ont., visiting Northern Ireland.
MR. and MRS. ALBERT KERSLEY, Islington, Ont., visiting West Ewell, Surrey.
MR. and MRS. DAVID LAPLANTE, Sturgeon Falls, Ont., visiting London.
JAMES MARSHALL, Toronto, visiting Belfast.
MR. and MRS. JOHN McLACHLAN, Toronto, visiting in Lanarkshire.
MRS. MARY PARKINSON, Scarborough, Ont.
MR. and MRS. STANLEY PEPPER, Galt, visiting Edinburgh.
MRS. ANNIE PERRINS, Hamilton, visiting Stoke-on-Trent.
JAMES PINKNEY, Toronto, visiting Edgeware, Middlesex.
MRS. MILDRED RUTLOWSKI, Mount Dennis, Ont., visiting in Yorkshire.
MISS BARBARA ROCHE, Niagara Falls, Ont., visiting Liverpool.
MRS. IRENE SAGE and daughter PAMELA, Hamilton, visiting Ramford, Surrey.
MRS. SARAH SHAVER, Galt, visiting Renfrew, Scotland.
MRS. MARY SCOTT, Toronto, visiting Paisley, Scotland.
MR. and MRS. ERNEST SMEDLEY, Hamilton, visiting Chesterfield.
LIONEL TAYLOR, Toronto, visiting Glasgow.
MR. and MRS. LLOYD TOMKINS, Toronto, visiting Acton, London.
MRS. EDITH TREGELLAS, Toronto, visiting Cheltenham.
JOHN WALLACE, Waubaushene, Ont., visiting Fyffeshire, Scotland.
MR. ANNIE WATTS, Toronto, visiting Manchester.
ALLAN WICKS, St. Thomas, visiting London.
LEONARD WORTS, St. Thomas, visiting London.
MRS. ISABEL WYLIE, Galt, visiting Renfrew, Scotland.
JOHN PEARSON, Niagara Falls, Ont., visiting Liverpool.
GORDON TOMLINSON and son MICHAEL, Galt., visiting London.
MRS. LILLIAN HOUSE, Toronto, visiting London.
ALAN LOVE and five-year-old son PETER, Charlottetown, visiting Cheam, Surrey.

Winnipeg Free Press Alberta 1957-08-12


Memorial/Gravesite for Victims of Issoudun

Hi. My Aunt and Uncle, Vera and Lloyd Tompkins, were on that terrible flight. The gravesite is not in Issoudun but in Toronto. Mount Pleasant Cemetery is where all the remains were interred and a monument raised to those unfortunates. If you would like to share your email with me I can send you a copy of the map of the cemetery showing where the gravesite is. I have visited several times since relocating to the US from England. It is beautifully maintained and is a very peaceful place.

There is a monument close to

There is a monument close to the sight of the crash in the community of Issoudun, however the remains of the crash victims were buried in a mass grave in Toronto where there is another monument. This is in Prospect Cemetery, near the front gate off of St Clair Avenue. I have been to Issoudun, but not Prospect Cemetery - however there is a picture of that monument online. My Grandmother Annie Watts died in the crash.


The monument is beside the church - a bit of distance from where the plane went down in a marsh. My grandmother Annie Watts was on the flight and my father, Ronnie Watts was at the airport waiting for her. Apprarently they kept announcing the flight 'delayed' for a long time, before they announced that there had been a crash.

Maritime Central Airways Flight 315 - Heathrow to Toronto

In 1957 when this unfortunate air crash occurred, I was a little boy of seven.

At that time, my Grandmother (Mary Stokes) lived with us, and I vaguely recall her having received news from Canada, that her Sister, Mrs Annie Watts, was on this aircraft and had unfortunately perished with all souls on board!

An horrendous end to all their lives, but if following investigations are to be accepted, then thankfully, none would have had too much time to consider their end!

Amazing that nigh on sixty years hence, an aircraft will fly through such clouds and not be troubled......

air crash

My uncle was on the flight dad had talked to me about the crash and his therorythere was a documentry done by diasters of the century, if you need any information I will try and help.

Kevin Worts

Lucy Baikie

Lucy also visited my grandmother - Emily Margaret Smith (Peet). I think I have a photo from the visit

The family name is actually

The family name is actually spelled Thomlinson. Gordon and his son Michael lived in Cambridge (Galt), Ontario. Gordon's son Eric has a son Michael that now lives in Hamilton, Ontario

Your grandfather and young uncle

I find it extremely coincidental that your grandfather Gordon Thomlinson and your uncle Michael Thomlinson were killed in this airplane crash. Because my grandfather Albert Kersley and grandmother Jessie Kersley were also killed in this crash. I am an uncle to a Michael Tomlinson.
I would like to discuss your ancestry if you would get in touch with me.
Gordon Tomlinson

Issoudun Traggic Flight Crash Aug 1957

My husbands Grandmother was on this flight, Mrs Sarah Shaver and her Aunt both from Galt ON returning from their visit to Scotland. I remember my mother in law talking about being at the airport waiting for the flight to arrive picking up her mother and aunt. Does anyone know where the gravesite is in Issoudun, PQ ?

Hello, I am writing on behalf

I am writing on behalf of my grandmother. Her brother, Robert; father, John Francis and her uncle, William were on this flight. We are always looking for more information regarding this accident. If you know of anything else or would like to exchange knowledge, this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!