Ste. Therese De Blainville, QB Airliner Crashes, Nov 1963

Shattered Airliner Quebec CAN plane crash site 11-29-1963.jpg

A little one-storey bungalow farmhouse occupied by FERNAND GUILBEAULT, his wife and seven children quickly was commandeered as a temporary headquarters pending establishment of a more complete setup in Notre Dame de l'Assomption Roman Catholic School in Ste. Therese.
Extra telephone lines were being installed to handle the gathering of evidence and information on the human remains today.
Most bodies were so badly smashed that identification was considered by one TCA official to be hopeless.
He said that in some similar crashes, relatives had agreed to a mass burial of the victims on the spot.
To reach the scene from Highway 11, working crews had to slosh through mud about knee deep in places. A continuing cold rain fell through the late hours of Friday night and early today.
An unidentified provincial police officer waded into the crater and recovered what appeared to be the aircraft's log book.
TCA officials said early today it was not known whether searchers had salvaged the plane's flight recorder -- important in determining exactly what happened before the crash.


Montreal (CP) -- Following is the official list of crew members and passengers killed Friday in the TCA DC-8 crash:

Crew (7):
Capt. JACK D. SNIDER, 47, Toronto.
First Officer HARRY J. DYCK, 35, Toronto.
Second Officer EDWARD B. BAXTER, 29, Toronto.
Purser JAMES E. ZIRNIS, 24, Toronto.
Stewardess KATHLEEN PATRICIA CREIGHTON, 23, Veteran, Alta.
Stewardess LINDA SLAGHT, 22, Toronto.
Stewardess LORNA JEAN WALLINGTON, 21, Calgary.



TCA Flight 831

We are researching the crash of TCA Flight 831 and have contacted more than half of the families involved. We would like to make contact and learn of your interest in this event.

Also, you may be interested in our DVD "Our Search for Memory" which includes an introduction to our project by Robert J. Page, the son of one of the victims, the CBC documentary, "At the Moment of Impact", broadcast in 1965; the Radio-Canada 40th anniversary report, and a musical tribute to the lives lost and their families.

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Nov 1963 Air Crash

I would like to add my father to the list of passengers who died. Olivier Allemand of Toronto.