Ste. Therese De Blainville, QB Airliner Crashes, Nov 1963

Shattered Airliner Quebec CAN plane crash site 11-29-1963.jpg

Right fell heavily.
Police organized their forces before dawn to keep spectators away.
Highway road blocks were set up five miles each way from the crash area. Motorists who could not show identification that would permit them passing the blocks were directed to by-passing routes.
The airliner dived into the field -- already a mass of mire from Friday's heavy rain -- about halfway between Highway 11 and an expressway and 800 feet from a row of houses that line the highway.
One of the first tasks was to get a solid roadway to the crash scene through the deep mud. During the night bulldozers, tractors and trucks loaded with gravel were brought in.

The crater made by the plane was about 30 yards square and at least six feet deep.
Trees near the crater that were not directly hit bore few scars. They leaned outward from the crater, as if bent by the explosion, but eyewitnesses could not agree whether the aircraft exploded in the air or on impact.
One of them described the explosion as "like an atomic bomb." A huge red ball of fire burst into the air.
MRS. AIME BERTHIAUME, whose house is along Highway 11 near the crash scene, said she was in her kitchen "when I heard a terrible explosion and saw a high ball of fire in the air."
"The plane crashed just about right away after that," she said.
But her son ALLAN, 21, said he heard the "swooshing" sound of the jet before "it hit the ground and exploded, sending a huge ball of fire into the air."
President GORDON R. McGREGOR of TCA said it would be difficult to determine the cause of the crash.

Investigators normally can piece together what happened by picking up a limited amount of wreckage, he said, but "I am not cheerful about the possibilities of getting information from these parts because the breakup is so severe."
Another TCA official said there was no question of sabotage in the disaster nor was there any confirmation of an explosion before the ill-fated plane hit the ground.
At least 300 soldiers were stationed around the still smouldering wreckage to ensure that everything was left intact.
This followed removal of some wreckage by the curious who tied up traffic along three-lane Highway 11 for at least five miles in either direction.
A search of houses in the area brought out some pieces of wreckage taken as souvenirs.



This was my fathers regular

This was my fathers regular flight home but missed it because he had met up with an old friend who invited him to a party. Ironically this party is where he met my mother. It's amazing how one decision changes the course of the future. Had he had been on the flight I would not be telling you this story.......

My heart goes out to the families who lose a loved one......this flight touches close to home.....

I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers...:)

Looks like the same kind of problem Eastern Airlines 304 had!

While they never really concluded in the direct cause of the accident. On 25 February 1964, a similar DC-8 leaving the(Moisan)New Orleans Airport Easern Airlines 304 only flew for couples of minutes and plunge into the Lake Pontchartrain killing all of its passengers.

According to the final CAB report File No. 1 -0006.It was question of the Plane's unstability due to the trim or compensator that was in default. The Pilots could not correct the plane nose angle (AND) and utimately fought to regain the plane until the water contact.

In the case of The Trans Canada Airline (Plane was leaving east and had to turn north towards the Laurentians and then a west turn to Toronto.),the same thing happen, many observers including the tower saw the gain up of altitude the plane did in it's first minutes and suddenly while in its phase of turning north-west over Ste-Therese de Blainville plunge in a very accuentuated angle (more than 20 degrees).

The lenght of the airborne airplane was about the same as Eastern Airline 304 over Lake Pontchartrain(about 8-10 minutes). Since they were still on their ascending phase of trip.

They must have been around between 12000-15000 feet trying to climb at their cruising altitude towards Toronto.

The Canadian TSB-BST should re open that case and try to give another look at the reasons why that plane went down.

50th Anniversary

I lost my father - Michael - on the flight - like some of the other stories here - but in reverse - he was due on an earlier flight but due to weather and traffic , he ended up on this fateful flight. RIP to all on TCA831.

My father isn't listed

My father isn't listed either. Philip Reid Austin of Don Mills. Off to Montreal tomorrow for the families to finally get together and commemorate the 50th anniversary.

D W Pollock was my uncle, he

D W Pollock was my uncle, he was 18 years old & was born in Scotland. He was travelling from Montreal back to Toronto with his boss. He wasn't supposed to be on this flight but they managed to get seats at the last minute trying to get home earlier.

My grandfather is on that

My grandfather is on that list but unfortunately you spelt his name wrong. Is there any way to fix it? His name was C. R. Elford. Right now it says Eldord and it disturbs me a bit. Thanks.

My father also

My father also missed/changed this flight as he ran into a friend at the last minute where he was invited to attend a party. This party is where he met my mother. Talk about twist of fate......had he had been on the flight my siblings and I would not be here as well as my parents grand-kids.......I believe 11 people were not on the flight for various reasons. My father had no idea the flight crashed until the following morning. Once he heard he called my granparents as they were frantic because they knew he was suppose to be on this flight. They were relieved to know that he was alright....:) I think about it alot......and how things could have been so different........

crash of 1963

hi all .i was on a flight from moncton that night and was held up by fog in moncton.i was late getting into mtl and missed my conection on that flight.i called a friend in montreal and stayed at her place overb night and took the train in the am to toronto.thank goodness i was able to do this as i had a bad flight to moncton the previous week.left toronto thurs at 7 am and got mtn 3pm on sunday.sure got a lot of bonus yrs for sure god rest their souls

Harold Andrejeski

My grandfather was on this flight. My mother had a dream of crash a week before the flight. She begged him not to go and to make her feel better he said he would not go but he went anyway. Exactly what she dreamt happened...shortly after takeoff the plane would crash into a swamp area and everyone would be killed. My mother was 15 when her father died in this crash.

List of Passengers

I am looking for the list of the eight people who missed their flight that day, my father was one of them but wish to see him and his colleage in writing to confirm.