Quebec, QB Railroad Co. Fire, Oct 1909

$650,000 FIRE IN QUEBEC.

Flames Sweep the River Front and Fireman Is Killed.

QUEBEC, Oct. 16.----Fire that destroyed property estimated to be worth $650,000 and cost the life of the fireman swept the river front here to-night.

The fire started in the Canadian Northern Railway Company's elevator. Fanned by a strong wind it swept down the carriers to the warehouses and Custom House along the river. The steam and other vessels were saved, with the exception of a couple of batteaux. The Canadian Pacific liner Empress of Ireland, crippled by her collision with a submerged wreck in the St. Lawrence, was towed to safety in the nick of time.

The Canadian Northern elevator, the Custom House and a number of adjoining warehouses were burned. The Canadian Northern elevator was valued at $300,000 and contained 135,000 bushels of grain.

The New York Times, New York, NY 17 Oct 1909