Montreal, QB Propane Gas Explosion, Jan 1985


Montreal (CP) -- An employee of a propane gas company died in an explosion at the Port of Montreal Thursday when two gas cannisters he was re-filling suddenly blew up, Ports Canada police said.
The mid-afternoon blast, which was heard for five kilometres arund, eft three other people slightly injured an levelled a plywood shed used to store about 20 canisters of propane gas, acetelyne and oxygen.
The victim was identified as 28-year-old MICHEL FILIATRAULT, an employee of Gasbec Ltd., a propane gas distribution company.
Raymond Brien, a spokesman for Ports Canada's police force, said the blast was triggered when the two cannisters being filled by the Gasbec employee from a nearby tank truck exploded, which in turn detonated about half the cannisters in the shed.
The shed stood between a warehouse for Clipper Ship Supply Ltd. and the hull of the Black Bay, a cargo ship owned by Canada Steamship lines.
Two men were slightly injured when a flying cannister tore through the wall of the Clipper warehouse, while another was hurt by flying debris.
The tank truck, as well as a truck equipped with welding equipment parked near the shed, were heavily damaged.

Lethbridge Herald Alberta Canada 1985-02-01