Noyan, QB House Fire, Dec 1960


Noyan, Que., (AP) -- MARJORIE VOSBURGH, 43, and 11 of her 15 children burned to death today in one of the worst family tragedies in Auebee province history.
The mother died when she rushed back into the flaming small, wood house near this village 35 miles south of Montreal.
She had escaped with her husband, ABEL, when an explosion, believed to have been caused by a stove, rocked the home about 3 a.m. Flames spread quickly and the house had burned to the ground by the time firemen arrived.
MRS. VOSBURGH died before reaching the children. Her body was one of the first found by firemen searching the ruins.
First reports said the father had managed to save one child, but later it was established that the only children to survive were away from home at the time.
VOSBURGH suffered burns to his hands in efforts to save his family and was taken to the nearby home of a brother-in-law for treatment.
The dead children were: DORIS, 19; RAY, 17; RICHARD, 15; PHYLLIS, 13; KATHERINE, 10;
AUDREY, 9; BEVERLY, 7; ROBERT, 4; CAROLINE, 3; LEO, 1 and DWAYNE, 6 months.
GLADYS, 21, and GERTRUDE, 22, are married and live elsewhere. IRVIN, 18, was at work, and ALLAN, 11, was visiting an aunt.

Daily Sitka Sentinel Alaska 1960-12-29