Orway Station, QB Airliner Crash, Jan 1956

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Quebec City, Jan. 17 -- (UP) -- A twin-engined airliner bound from Knob Lake to Seven Islands crashed in flames in the Quebec wilderness early today, killing four of the 14 persons aboard.
A spokesman for Quebecair, a small airline that operates between Quebec City and points on both shores of the St. Lawrence River, said three other persons were injured.
The pilot radioed shortly after midnight that one of his DC-3's engines had caught fire. He said he was trying to make an emergency landing in the snow-covered bush near Orway Lake, about midway between Knob Lake and Seven Islands.
The pilot gunned the one good engine in an effort to stay airporne and dropped several flares in a bid to spot a suitable place to land. But he was unable to find a level, unobstructed field in the sparsely-settled area.
The plane quickly lost altitude and, as it neared the ground, the pilot was able only to keep it on an even keel before it crashed in the snow.
Air Force search and rescue headquarters at Halifax, N.S., sent a ground party to the area from Orway Lake, about a mile from where the plane went down. The ground party planned to take the bodies to the small community until it was decided where to send them.
Fatally Injured were:
Captain GERARD BELANGER, 33, Pilot.

Record Eagle Traverse City Michigan 1956-01-18


Accident: Avion Quebecair 16 janvier 1956

Mon père, était dans cette avion.

There was no Fire, Gerard and Co-Pilot saved all 14 Souls aboard

Only a stewardes whom was thrown from plane and died of Hypothermia and Pilots were killed, Had it not been for my Great Uncles skill everyone on board would have perished as he was trying to land on a frozen Lake, Both Pilots would still be alive if it were not for a single tree that killed them instantly, I have original newspaper clippings from 1956 right beside me. True Hero's. God bless them both.

My Grandmother is Marguerite Belange Kastelberg Gerards Sister..

I just wanted to say your Father was a true hero,He is my maternal great Uncle, He saved every one on board that plains life, All my life I have been told about Uncle Gerard "Jerry" and I have the original newspaper clippings of crash. Your father was a great man and a true hero, God bless you and sorry for your loss. You are my second cousin, Linda is my Mother. God bless Pierre' and I hope I can meet you one day.

With Love,
Andre Kastelberg Cooley
P.S Tell Claude' I said Bonju and I was sadened by the death of Roland as well, I loved to talk to Roland when he would call, Even though my French is less than adequate. He always made me smile:)

Orway Station, QB Airliner Crash, Jan 1956

Mon père, Georges Marceau, était dans cet avion....

Douglas dc3 Quebecair Oreway crash jan.16 1956

Dear sir,
I am the son of the pilot who died: captain Gérard Bélanger. I have obtained a few years ago the whole accident report from the national archives and the accident is now being review after more than 50 years by the people at TSB Canada. For your information, the fatal injuries where that of the captain Gérard Bélanger, the co-pilot André Sicard, the stewardess miss Jobidon and a passenger by the name of Ronald Bernaches. The Dominic in question, suffered a twisted ankle. The lives of 14 passengers were saved. There was no fire in flight or at the time of the crash. The lost of altitude was primarely due to the shutdown of the starbord engine because of the oil cooler's breakdown in flight and also to some rim ice conditions. For more information you can contact me at the above e-mail adress.

Pierre Bélanger