Montreal, QB Fire, Jan 1901


Thirty Buildings Destroyed --Insurance Companies Involved.

MONTREAL, Jan. 24--To-day business is practically stagnated in Montreal as a consequence of the disastrous fire which took place in the centre portion of the city, and crowds of thousands of people throng the narrow streets around the burned district, which is a scene of desolation. The burned district is bounded on the north by St. Sacrament, thence south along St. Peter, and westward on Lemoine to Fisk & Co.'s building; on the east by St. Nicholas Street to Commissioners, on the south by Foundling, facing St. Anne's Market Square to St. Peter, thence north to St. Paul.

Altogether about thirty buildings, chiefly wholesale warehouses, occupied by some of the leading firms of Montreal, were destroyed, together with their valuable stocks. Official reports as to losses cannot be obtained owing to the fact that the offices and papers of the Canadian Fire Underwriters have been burned in the Board of Trade. It is now feared that two men have perished.

The New York Times, New York, NY 25 Jan 1901