St. Donat, QB Canadian Military Plane Crash, Oct 1943

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Ottawa, Oct. 21. (CP) -- Searchers for a missing Liberator aircraft carrying 24 R.C.A.F. personnel from eastern air stations to Montreal have sighted wreckage off the mouth of the Saguenay river, and it is feared the plane crashed into the St. Lawrence, R.C.A.F. headquarters announced today.
Next-of-kin of the missing men have been notified and their names will be made public shortly.
The aircraft, carrying men from station of the eastern air command, left on a routine transport flight Tuesday. Some of the passengers were en route to Dorval. Others were on their way home on leave, the headquarters statement said.
Last word of the missing aircraft was over Mont Joli, Que., at 10 p.m. Tuesday, when it reported that a low ceiling made landing impossible and that it would head for Dorval.
It is feared that due to weather conditions, the aircraft crashed into the St. Lawrence river.
The search for the missing four-motored aircraft has drawn out one of the biggest searching forces ever gathered in Canada.
Eastern air command at Halifax previously announced that six of the 24 persons aboard the big aircraft were crew members and that the other 18 were passengers. When the wreckage was sighted was not known here, but presumably it was this morning.

Winnipeg Free Press Manitoba 1943-10-21



Ottawa, Oct. 22. (CP) -- Search continued last night for a huge four-motored Liberator bomber missing since Tuesday night over the Gulf of St. Lawrence with 24 aboard as R.C.A.F. headquarters corrected an earlier announcement that wreckage had been sighted with the flat statement search planes have so far "failed to find any traces" of the missing craft.
In a morning statement the air force had stated wreckage had been sighted off the mouth of the Saguenay river but at 4:25 p.m., (C.D.T.), a new statement was issued contradicting the first.
Search for the missing aircraft has concentrated one of the biggest searching forces ever gathered in Canada. Yesterday squadrons of planes scoured every inch of the St. Lawrence and its banks between Gaspe and Quebec, including the Saguenay. Naval craft also co-operated in the hunt, both surface and air craft were handicapped by thick, low-lying clouds.

Montreal, Oct. 22. (CP) -- FO. STEVE SANDERSON was one of the 24 airmen on board the big, four-engined Liberator, missing in the lower St. Lawrence area since Tuesday night, according to an official notice received by his wife in London, Ont., and relayed by telephone to his brother, GEORGE SANDERSON, here.
Flying Officer SANDERSON was co-pilot of a Liberator of the North Atlantic squadron of the R.C.A.F. which sand a U-boat off the coast last summer.

Winnipeg Free Press Manitoba 1943-10-22

Transcriber's Notes: The wreckage of this aircraft was found over 3 years later. It was located on a cliff near the summit of Black Mountain, 60 miles north of Montreal, near St. Donat, Quebec.
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