Hull, QB Sacred Heart Hospital Fire, Dec 1928

Nun Loses Her Life.

Hull, Quebec, Dec. 25. (AP).-A nun lost her life and fifty patients, many of them mothers with babies only a few hours old, were carried to safety when the fire swept the central building of the Sacred heart Hospital here early Tuesday.

The nun, Sister Cecile, 22, dies several hours after the fire from burns sustained when her clothes were ignited as she was fighting the blaze with a hand extinguisher. Sister Cecile was formerly MISS M. CREVIER of Cartierville, Quebec.

One of the heroines of the fire was Mrs. Joseph Lorento, 21, of Hull, who carried her 2-day-old baby and a 4-year-old boy down three flights of a fire escape to safety.

The fire was discovered in a laundry chute by one of the sisters who was returning from the midnight Christmas mass in the hospital chapel. Sister Cecile seized a fire extinguisher as other nuns ran to warn the nurses on the different floors and, opening the door of the chute, attempted to extinguish the flames. Her clothing caught fire and she was burned fatally before her flaming clothes could be extinguished.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 26 Dec 1928