Braddock, PA Locomotive Explosion, Apr 1904

Three Persons Fatally Injured and Building Wrecked at Braddock, Pa.

PITTSBURG, Pa., April 27 -- A locomotive of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad exploded early to-day while passing Tenth street, Braddock. Three men were fatally injured, three others dangerously hurt, and five buildings were wrecked. Two of the houses caught fire and were destroyed.
The fatally injured are: M. A. HUNTER, engineer, Connellsville; I. J. CORN, fireman, Connellsville; FRED I. DENGLE, Mars, Pa.
Three others are seriously hurt.
The engine was pulling a long freight train and was moving with considerable speed when the boiler exploded. A cloud of steam, cinders and flame continued to be propelled into the air until the engine reached Eleventh street, a block away. Here it left the tracks, the boiler being blown twenty-five feet, striking the St. Paul Polish Church and nearly demolishing it.

The Post-Standard Syracuse New York 1904-04-28