Ormrod, PA Quarry Cave-In, Aug 1905

Result of Disaster in the Quarry at Armrod (Ormrod)

Allentown, Pa., Aug. 17 -- According to the statement of the officials of the company, seventeen men were buried in the cave-in that occurred yesterday in the quarry of the Lehigh Portland Cement company at Armrod (Ormrod). Eleven of the men were buried under the great mass of debris, and all their bodies have been recovered, the last one being taken out this morning. Of the six men taken out alive, one died at the Allentown hospital, making the total number of dead twelve and the number of injured five. The wounds of the latter are all serious, but the men will probably recover.
General Manager MATCHAM of the company, says the slide was caused by wet weather. The rock was limestone, which had become separated from the cement strata. It weighted 45,000 tons.
It was declared that the quarry was a dangerous one, and Coroner SCHEIRER will make a full investigation.

The Marion Star Ohio 1905-08-19

Transcribers Note: I grew up in this area of Pennsylvania. I know of a quarry town called Ormrod in the area of this accident. I believe the spelling of Armrod, is incorrect.