Erie, PA Flood, May 1893

ERIE, May 18 – The floods in this city caused by heavy rains are the most destructive ever known. It is impossible to estimate the damage done to property, but its probably is not less than $500,000. The damage to the Jarecki Manufacturing company’s plant is placed at $100,000. Scores of houses were washed away, but no fatality is reported since that of the boy Heberleya. Railroad bridges and culverts are washed away on all sides of Erie. All trains are canceled on the Erie and Pittsburg [sic] and Philadelphia and Erie.

The Marion Daily Star, Marion, OH 17 May 1893


ERIE, May 17 – This section of the State is badly flooded and buildings and bridges have gone down by the score. Many factories, etc., are flooded. The fire department was kept out all night rescuing people in the flooded districts. The waters are still rising.

Weekly Gazette Stockman, Reno, NV 17 May 1893