Bradford and Sullivan Counties, PA Forest Fires, May 1885


Troy, Penn., May 22. -- Forest fires have destroyed a large amount of property in the lumber regions of Bradford and Sullivan Counties during the past few days. At Northrup, this county, where HAWES Brothers' extensive toy factory is situated, the fires raged so fiercely on Wednesday that the factory was only saved through the efforts of 50 men, who fought the flames for 12 hours. Over 3,000,000 feet of lumber ready for manufacturing was consumed. At the same place JOHN O'NEILL'S residence, mills, barns, and 5,000,000 feet of logs were destroyed in spite of all efforts to keep the fires back. In the Kent Run region the immense mills of FROST & Son, together with 1,000,000 feet of sawed lumber and 2,000,000 feet of logs, were burned. The mining village of Bernice, Sullivan County, was surrounded by forest fires, and the miners were ordered out from the mines to aid in saving the place. This was done only after hours of continuous fighting with the fires. The mills of STROUD & ACKLEY, with 2,000,000 feet of lumber and two houses on the outskirts of the village, were burned. Reports of great damage to standing timber and losses of lumber in the woods come from all portions of the region.

The New York Times New York 1885-05-23