Bolivar, PA Mine Accident, Dec 1907


Although Seriously Injured in Explosion, Baird Did Not Die.


Bolivar, Dec. 14—Andrew Baird, a miner employed on the Garfield side of the river by the Lincoln company, became mixed up in a dynamite explosion several days ago and when his fellow employees brought him to the surface he was little better than a dead man. One arm had been blown off, his other has was so badly mutilated that amputation was necessary and his skull was badly fractured.

It was thought to be useless to send the man to a hospital, as it was not believed that he would be able to stand the trip, and he was placed under the treatment of Dr. H. C. Updegraff of this place. But Baird fooled everyone, including the physician, not only by holding his own but by making a good start on the road to recovery.. His condition continues favorable and it is believed he will get well.

Indiana County Gazette, Indiana, PA 18 Dec 1907