Boliver, PA Mail Train Wreck, Dec 1907


The Mail Train, However, Does Not Leave the Track and the Most Serious Results are Minor Injuries Received by a Dozen Clerks and Passengers.

Twelve persons were injured, a score jolted and bruised and seven cars loaded with Christmas presents narrowly escaped destruction in a collision between Chicago Mail, No. 18, eastbound, and extra freight train, train No. 3084, on the Pennsylvania railroad, near Bolivar, at 7 o'clock Sunday evening.

The freight wreck occurred a few hundred yards west of Bolivar station and was the result of the freight being derailed.

The mail drawn by two locomotives, crashed into the wreckage before warning was given, the debris from the freight being thrown upon the eastbound passenger track in the path of the flyer. The mail was going at the rate of 45 miles an hour.

The injured include mail clerks and passengers as follows: Postal clerks; A. F. Elder, Le Moyne, Pa., C. W. Bolte, Philadelphia; F. J. Patterson, Philadelphia; L. A. Wolfe, Newport, Pa.; F. E. Snyder, Le Moyne, and W. S. Rosenberry, Houses, N.J.

Passengers- F. J. McCathy, Merrimac, W. Va.; W. Hall, San Francisco; W. E. Thomas, Shamokin; S. T. Ozestomich, Greensburg; John Kowalski, Simpson, Pa.; and Alexander Wane, Scranton.

Hall was the most seriously hurt, as he was standing in an aisle and was thrown from his feet, his mouth stricking [sic] the seat arm. He sustained injuries about the face and chest. Elder and Bolte, postal clerks were thrown across their cars, the former suffering a contusion of the right hip and the [illegible] numerous bruises about the body.

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