Altoona, PA Train Accidents, Oct 1906


Israel Zeigler, aged 23 years, of 1811 Eleventh avenue, while at work in the East Altoona round house, was caught in a burst of steam, sustaining burns of the face.

James Rettig, of 2021 Third avenue, while working at the Logan Valley power house yesterday had his left hand caught underneath a car, sustaining a bad contusion.

A. G. Kipple, a 14 year old messenger boy at the Twelfth street offices, while slighting from an engine at Fourth street on his way home, 409 Second avenue, was thrown, dislocating his right knee cap.

W. R. Franks, of 205 East Walnut avenue, was painfully injured last night at 9 o'clock in the Altoona yard. He is a brakeman and while riding a draft of cars down a track at WN office his brake club slipped and he was thrown off, alighting in the six foot clear of the rails. He sustained injuries of the back and right shoulder. He was taken to his home, where his injuries were dressed.

Altoona Mirror, Altoona, PA 6 Oct 1906