Phoenix, PA Dynamite Accident, Mar 1910


Harry Hoover Returned to Relight Fuse When Dynamite Let Go.


Harry Hoover, of near Phoenix, met with a serious accident Tuesday, March 29, which very nearly cost him his life.

He was blowing out stumps with dynamite. He had placed three sticks under a stump with fuse attached, then lighted the fuse with burning grass. When he attempted to run from the stump, he looked back and saw no smoke. Thinking the fuse had failed to light, he returned to the stump. Just as he bent down over it, the dynamite exploded. He got the full force in his face and breast.

He was carried into the house and the doctor was called, who, after an examination, said that he did not think his injuries were so serious but what he might recover.

Doctor Walters, of Punxsutawney, was called later and said one of his eyes was entirely destroyed, but he thought he could probably save the other.

Mr. Hoover had been away from home for some time and had just returned the morning that the accident happened.

Indiana Evening Gazette, Indiana, Pa 2 Apr 1910