Philadelphia, PA Refinery Explosion, August 16, 1900

Five Men Injured and One Killed
Workmen Frightfully Burned at the Point Breeze Oil Works

By a frightful explosion of gas in the exhaust house of the Atlantic Refining Company, at its Point Breeze plant, shortly after noon yesterday, five men were so badly burned that one died and the others will probably die. A sixth man who came to their aid had his hand almost blown off by a subsequent explosion, while he was attempting to rescue his comrades.

The dead man is:
JOSEPH HENDERSON, laborer, 224 Rosewood Street
The injured men are:
JOSEPH JEFFERSON, colored, foreman, 1710 Tasket Street
THOMAS SHARP, laborer, 2826 Jackson Street
THOMAS WYLIE, machinist, 2047 Pemberton Street
WILLIAM BURNSIDE, pipe fitter, 1313 South Myrtlewood Street
WILLIAM REMETTER, laborer, 1231 South Twenty-third Street

All of them were take to the Methodist Hospital, Broad and Wolf Streets, a mile from the scene of the explosion. The last named was injured about the hands in the second explosion and received treatment at St. Agnes' Hospital, at Broad and Mifflin Streets, from which institution he was allowed to go home later in the day.
No one but Joseph Jefferson knows how the accident occurred, and he is so badly injured that physicians at the hospital say he will never be able to tell the story.