Rock Point, PA Train Wreck, Apr 1891



One Man Killed and Four Others Badly Injured – A Train Crowded With Laborers Runs Into a Freight – A Brakeman Said to Have Given the Wrong Signal – The Killed and Injured.

BEAVER FALLS, Pa., April 25. -- A serious accident occurred on the Pittsburg and Lake Erie railroad, between Rock Point and Homewood, in which one man was killed and four men badly hurt. Freight train No. 42 was running west at a fair rate of speed, and upon turning one of the sharp curves near Rock Point the engineer saw the construction train standing on the track only a short distance away. He hurriedly gave the danger signal and whistled down brakes but before the speed of the train could be checked it crashed into the working train, demolishing the cars and causing the loss of life. The construction train has been stationed near Rock Point for some time, and the men had just boarded the train to move to another place. Consequently the cars were crowded with workmen, and it was a wonder that more were not killed. As it was many of the laborers discovered the approach of the freight train in time to jump from the cars, and they escaped uninjured.

Caused by a Mistake.
It is said that a flagman had been sent out to signal the freight train and he made a mistake in indicating the position of the construction train. However, this could not be fully verified, as the officials of the company have not yet completed the investigation and are not prepared to give any information in regard to the wreck. The wreck blocked the road for three hours, as part of the construction train was thrown across the tracks. The passengers were transferred. Following are the names of the killed and injured in the accident:

JAMES SCHOLARIE, a resident of Wampum, body cut in two.

NICHOLAS JOHNS, legs and arms badly injured.
MIKE BANPISPA (not sure of name), Wampum, body crushed.
JOSEPH ARSPIPF (not sure of name), cut and bruised; severe internal injuries.
GEORGE SHALLENBURGER, Wampum, ankle badly injured.
The injured men were taken to Beaver Falls and the body of SCHOLARIE was sent to Wampum. The engineer and fireman of the freight train jumped and escaped with a few slight bruises. Both engines and six cars were completely wrecked.

The Salem Daily News Ohio 1891-04-25