Allentown, PA Train Accident, May 1905

Boy instantly killed.

An unknown boy, about 16 years of age, who had followed the Barnum & Bailey circus several days, was instantly killed at 3 o'clock Sunday morning on the Perkiomen Railroad, near Allentown. He had worked at the lemonade stand. When the circus left town he boarded the last section. While the train was passing Chestnut Street in the Jersey Central yards the boy in moving about fell between the cars and rolled to the track, almost the entire train passing over his body. The body as was taken the undertaker Burkholder's morgue was in a horrible condition. The head and two arms and one hand were cut off and the upper and lower sections of his trunk, made by the passage of the carwheels, hung together simply by shreds. Chief George Smith, of Allentown, notified the Brooklyn police to make a search for the boy's relatives. The name of the boy is unknown, he going by the name of “KID” at the circus. Coroner Scheirer investigated but found an inquest unnecessary.

Pennsburg Town & Country Pennsylvania 1905-05-13