Pittsburgh, PA Trolley Car Wreck, Apr 1909


Three Persons Killed and Many Passengers Hurt.


Collision Occurs on a Curve Between Pittsburg and Butler, Near Bryant Station, Pa. -- Neither Motorman Saw the Other Car.

Pittsburg, Pa. -- Three persons were killed, two fatally hurt and fifteen others sustained injuries that necessitated their removal to their homes in a head-on collision between two electric cars on the Pittsburg and Butler Street Railway, near Bryant Station.

The dead:
H. J. CROSS, thirty-five, of Mars, Pa., conductor of the southbound car, died of internal injuries while being removed to a hospital.
ALFRED W. SNYDER, twenty-seven, purchasing agent of the Pittsburg and Butler Street Railways Company, his home being at New Haven, Conn.
ALBERT HEINDMAN, forty, of this city, fare collector on the northbound car.
Fatally injured:
LON KELLEY, motorman of the southbound car, right leg fractured and internal injuries.
J. W. MEYERS, Bellevue, Pa., a passenger, right leg broken, injured internally.

SNYDER and HEINDMAN were standing with the motorman of the north-bound car when the accident occurred, and it is remarkable that KELLEY was not killed outright.

The accident is said to have been caused by a mistake in orders given the southbound car. This car, which was known as a limited, had been held up for an hour at a grade crossing at Mars, Pa., until the tracks there had been cleared of wreckage caused by a freight car on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad leaving the tracks.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1909-04-02

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