Columbia, PA Locomotive Boiler Explosion, Jul 1855


A terrible explosion of the boiler of the locomotive “Governor,” took place of Friday morning, on the railroad in Columbia, which tore the engine to atoms, and instantly killed the engineer, MR. GEO. ZEIGLER. The fireman, who was in the tender, was also so injured that his life is despaired of. His eyes were blown out of his head. The tender was also destroyed, but none of the cars were injured. The dome of the engine was blown over one hundred feet in the air, and its other parts scattered in every direction. The accident is supposed to have occurred in consequence of a want of water in the boiler; the flues, it is said, were heated to a high heat, and the engineer was in the act of pumping cold water at the time of the explosion.

The Quincy Daily Whig Illinois 1855-07-10