Kelly Station, PA Train Wreck, Aug 1907


Derailed Freight Car Cause of Frightful Wreck


Accident Occurs at a Sharp Curve.

Without a Moment's Warning, the Titusville Flyer Crashes into the Obstruction and Death and Suffering Follow - Mother and Son Killed and Three Daughters Seriously Injured - Pathetic Incidents.

Kittanning, Pa., Aug 6 - Titusville express, southbound, was wrecked near Kelly station, ten miles from here, about 11:30 today, by being sideswiped by a freight car that had broken away from a northbound freight train. The engine was derailed. Two baggage cars, a smoker and a passenger car were wrecked. At least six persons are dead and about eighteen injured.

The Dead.

Mrs. Alonzo Huff, Johnstown.

Son of Mrs. Huff, Johnstown.

M.B. Irwin, engineer of the passenger train, residing at Oakmont; body cut in two and found under the tender.

__________ Chritznore, Titusville.

__________ Haffey, Kittanning.

Unidentified man.

Among the Injured.

Among the injured are three daughters of Mrs. A. Huff; John Gizzlar, Emlenton; Samuel Bing, Pittsburg; Robert Michelton, Emlenton.

The train on leaving Kittanning was behind time and it is said was running at high speed. The accident occurred at a sharp curve, preventing the engineer from seeing any considerable distance ahead. In some manner a big freight car that formed part of a freight train, northbound, had broken away from the train and had landed some distance from the northbound track. It projected over the southbound track. The express, as it rounded the curve was struck by this car, derailing the engine and wrecking the four cars. The train was well filled. Nearly all the passengers suffered from shock.

Pathetic Feature.

One pathetic feature of the wreck was the tragedy in the Huff family. The father, Alonzo Huff, at the time the accident happened, was walking up and down the platform at Kiskiminetas junction, waiting to board the train and join his wife and family. As a result of the wreck, however, his wife and son are dead and his three daughters are among the seriously injured. When word of the tragedy reached Huff, he collapsed.

Coroner F.B. Stone of Armstrong county, went direct to the scene. Two trainloads of people were taken to Kelly station and rendered all the assistance possible. The dead were laid out at Kelly station.

Injured List Growing.

Pittsburg, Pa., Aug 6 - At the office of the superintendent of the road late this afternoon it was stated that word had been received that three bodies had been taken from the wreck and that the list of injured would be from twenty to twenty-five persons.

The Marion Daily Star, Marion, OH 6 Aug 1907