Braddock, PA Carnegies Edgar Thompson Steel Works Explosion, Oct 1889


An explosion occurred at Carnegie's Edgar Thompson Steel Works, at Braddock, Penn. Captain W. R. JONES, general manager of the immense steel works and a number of workmen were seriously and some fatally burned. Furnace C, one of the largest of the blast furnaces, gave way at the bottom, and in an instant flames shot forth, and the not metal exploded and fell like sheets of water. Tons of the molten metal poured out of the furnace, and that any person near the furnace escaped instant death seems remarkable. Some of the men were so severely burned that their flesh peeled off with their clothes.

Captain JONES is well known throughout the United States and Europe wherever iron and steel are manufactured. It was he who took 300 men to Johnstown at his own expense, two days after the flood, and remained there for a couple of weeks directing the work of rescue. He is sixty years of age.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1889-10-04