Blairsville, PA Trolley Car Accident, Jul 1910

Brothers Hurt on Same Trolley Car

One Fell from the Roof and the Other Sent His Foot Through Window


Blairsville, Pa. July 11.----Frank Johnson, a motorman on the Blairsville Indiana street-car line, while engaged in some work on the roof of the car at the Blairsville end of the line Saturday afternoon, tell to the ground and sustained a broken shoulder blade and several other minor injuries.

It seems that one of the trolley poles had broken off at Blacklick on the trip down, and upon the arrival of the car here Johnson climbed to the roof to turn the other pole for the return trip. While walking along the edge of the roof, holding the pole, part of the roof and pole became loosened and fell to the ground carrying Johnson along.

His brother, who is the conductor on the same car, was also injured the same afternoon. While climbing to the roof of the car he struck his foot through a window. A piece of glass run into his foot, cutting quite a severe gash.

Indiana Evening Gazette, Indiana, PA 11 Jul 1910