Philadelphia, PA Runaway Accident, Apr 1913

Two Injured When Horse Dashes Away

Driver and Two Others Hurled to Street Downtown

Stabbed in the side by the sudden snapping of the shaft of a wagon, a horse ran away on Passyunk Avenue near Broad Street, last night, and three persons were badly injured.

FRANK TOBIN, 25 years old, the driver, Passyunk Avenue and Federal Street, was thrown on his head and sustained a fractured skull. ROLAND FARRINGTON, 8 years old, of 1940 East Passyunk Avenue, was run over and received a concussion of the brain. ABRAHAM KEYSER, 63 years old, of 1917 East Passyunk Avenue, who tried to stop the horse, fell under his hooves and had two ribs fractured.

Policeman GIBSON, of the Fifteenth Street and Snyder Avenue station, stopped the equine. All of the injured were taken to St. Agnes Hospital.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 25 Apr 1913