Brushtown, PA Automobile Accident Jul 1929

Woman Injured When Auto Crash Topples Truck Into a Field
Household Furnishings Being Transported From Hagerstown To New York Spilled And Badly Damaged When Attemp At Double Passing Causes Wreck.
An information, charging Samuel Heininger, Red Lion Route 1, with reckless driving, will be sworn out before Justice of the Peace Howard Blocher, Littlestown, as the result of an automobile accident on the Hanover road, two miles west of Brushtown, at 9 o'clock, Sunday evening in which five persons were injured, one seriously.
Mrs. Augusta McKenzie, of Hagerstown, is believed to have been hurt internally in the accident, and is a patient at the Hanover General hospital. Mrs. McKenzie and her husband were sitting on the rear of a truck, loaded with furniture, which was in transit from Hagerstown to New York city.
In the accident, the truck hit a telephone pole and toppled over, throwing the household furniture and furnishings into a hay field. Much of the furniture was damaged.
According to Patrolman C. W. Achenbach, of Gettysburg, who investigated, the accident occurred when Heininger attempted to pass the truck and another machine, driven by Charles Slonaker, of Fairfeild, when the latter two machines were abreast. Heininger's machine is said to have sideswiped Slonaker's car, forcing it against the truck, causing he latter to hit the pole and upset.
After staying at the scene of the accident a short time, according to the patrolman, Heininger drove away. Slonaker remained at the scene and took the injured to the Hanover hospital. The other four personswho were cut and bruised were also on the truck. They were treated at the hospital, and afterwrd were discharged.
The Gettysburg Times, Gettysburg, PA 22 Jul 1929