Luthersburg, PA Horse Accidents, Aug 1915


Beast Kicks One Boy in Head, Fracturing Skull and Causing Concussion of Brain

Another Lad Thrown to Ground and Knocked Unconscious While Riding Animal Swiftly to Call Doctor for First Youth--One in Very Serious Condition

Within an hour yesterday misfortune came to each of the two sons of H. H. SHANKLE a farmer near Luthersburg. One boy was kicked by a work horse and dangerously injured, and the other boy had a narrow escape from more serious injuries when he fell from a horse which he was riding in haste to summon a doctor to atteind(sic) the first youth.

FRANK SHANKLE had taken a work horse to the fields to begin work when the horse kicked him in the head knocking him unconscious. A second boy was dispatched on horse back for DR. FURNUM at Luthersburg riding at a lively clip. The horse stumbled, throwing the boy on his forehead in the road and knocking him unconscious. He was found shortly afterwards.

Both of the boys are being attended by DR.FARNUM at the home, and although the condition of the second boy is not so bad it is thought by the doctor that FRANK SHANKLE, whose skull was fractured, has developed a concussion of the brain.

Clearfield Progress, Clearfield, PA 5 Aug 1915