Lebanon, PA Trolley Wreck and Panic, Dec 1900


Cars Collide on Lebanon Trolley Line, Twenty Injured in the Crash.

Special to The Inquirer.

LEBANON, Pa., Dec. 22.--Two cars filled with Christmas shoppers collided this afternoon on the Lebanon Valley Street Railway, a short distance west of this city, with disastrous results. About twenty persons were injured, some of them seriously. The 18 months' old baby of Mrs. J. W. Walter, of Annville, was trampled on by the panic-stricken passengers and injured so badly that it is not expected to recover, while many of the other passengers were cut by flying glass and splinters.

The accident occurred at a steep grade, neither motorman seeing each other until the cars almost meet, when it was too late to prevent a collision. Over one hundred passengers were on the two cars, one being a regular, while the other was a special bringing Christmas shoppers to this city from Palmyra and Annville.

The accident caused great excitement here, relief cars and ambulances being sent to the scene of the collision, which conveyed the injured to their homes. The motormen saved their lives by jumping just as the cars met, otherwise they would doubtless have been killed.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 23 Dec 1900