Milford, PA Steamboat KITTATINY Wreck, May 1879



MILFORD, Penn., May 23.----The steam-boat Kittatiny, which arrived at this place at 6 o'clock last evening, having on board 25 passengers, including the crew, from the Delaware Water Gap, started on its return to the Gap at 9 o'clock this morning. There were on board John D. and Horatio Broadhead, owners of the vessel, and several invited guests. The little steamer glided rapidly on down the stream, and it was though that the Gap would be reached without a mishap of any kind. When nearing Burrell's Rift, two miles above Dingman's Ferry, Penn., the Captain of the boat, misjudging the course of the channel, steered the vessel a little too far toward the New-Jersey side, and when the middle of the rapids was reached, the boat stock a rock. The rock being pointed made a large hole in the bottom of the boat, through which the water rushed rapidly, soon filling the vessel to the depth of 10 inches and putting out the fire in the furnace. All on board set to work throwing into the river all wood, coal, and other unnecessary freight, after which they got out into the stream, and with poles and such implements as could be obtained, worked to remove the vessel from the rock. The whistle of the steamer was blown and soon brought a large force of men. The accident occurred at 10 o'clock, and it was after 1 before the vessel was got off the rock and landed in an eddy a short distance below on the New-Jersey side. The boat will remain there until it can be repaired. It will be returned to the Gap as soon as the river is sufficiently high.

This is the first steam-boat which ever undertook to navigate the Delaware above Easton, Penn., and, the trial trip being unsuccessful, the attempt to run to Port Jervis, N. Y., will not be made until the obstructions have been removed from a number of dangerous rapids between Dingman's and Milford.

The New York Times, New York, NY 24 May 1879