Dunbar, PA Explosion, Jul 1894


They Attempt to Blow Up the Town of Dunbar.

UNIONTOWN, Pa., July 24.---Dynamiters made an attempt last night to blow up the town of Dunbar, just north of here. At 1 o'clock a large bomb was exploded under the house of a non-union workman named Vaug, in the center of the town. The building was blown to pieces, and the larger part of the town was badly shaken by the explosion. Windows were broken all over the town, and chimneys thrown from their positions. The family escaped without injury, which is considered miraculous.

A short time later a dynamite bomb was found under the house of William Boden, another non-unionist. The bomb had evidently been thrown at the house, but did not explode.

Last night was one of mortal terror in Dunbar. The town was in the hands of the strikers. From early in the evening there was considerable shooting done, not only in the borough but the surrounding country. No one was shot, but it is thought the object was to attract the attention of people to other parts from that at which the dynamiters were going to make their attack. The people of the town were conscious trouble was brewing, and many remained on the streets all night.

Nearly 2000 strikers have gathered here today for a meeting. Many are armed guns and revolvers.

The Aspen Weekly Times, Aspen, CO 28 Jul 1894