New Oxford, PA Wagon Accident, Oct 1910


Augustus Robinson, of New Oxford, Thrown from Load of Lumber and Rendered Unconscious. Several Ribs Broken.

Augustus Robinson, of New Oxford, was the victim of an ugly accident on Monday afternoon when he was thrown from a wagon and rendered unconscious, receiving many cuts and bruises and several broken ribs.
Mr. Robinson was loading lumber at the Kohler coal and lumber yard in New Oxford for the new home of W. H. Carbaugh and was just preparing to leave when the horses took fright at some object and started suddenly. Mr. Robinson was thrown from the top of the load to the ground. For a half hour he remained unconscious. Dr. George Seaks was summoned and found several ribs broken, and ugly gash on the head and a badly bruised shoulder.

W. H. Carbaugh was standing on the tongue between the two horses when the animals started but saved himself from injury by vaulting over one of the horses and alighting on the ground.

The team was caught after it had gone a few feet.

Mr. Robinson is getting along as well as can be expected and his many friends hope for his early recovery.

Adams County News, Gettysburg, PA 29 Oct 1910