Pittsburgh, PA Little Sisters of the Poor Home For Aged Disastrous Fire, July 1931

Pittsburgh, PA Little Sisters of the Poor Home For Aged Fire, July 1931

Homeopathic Hospital
Thirty-five overcome or injured, including a policeman and a fireman, both unidentified and seriously hurt.
John Kowalski, 67
Paul Booth
George Deltz, 22, a rescuer, overcome by smoke and suffering from shock.
Edward Kurtz
Annie Platt
Frank Daly, 16, one of the first rescuers, cuts on both arms and suffering from shock.
Mary Kurn
James Gorney, 74
Catherine Harkins
Harry Walker
Mrs. Mink Margaret McVeigh, Fifty-fourth street
Mary O'Brien
Annie Kennedy of Bridgeville
Jeanne Kearney, 69
John Collins, 5437 Columbo street, volunteer rescuer, overcome by smoke
John Young, 36, 3346 Penn avenue, volunteer rescuer, cut on arm.

Pittsburgh Hospital
Thirty-six overcome or injured
Mary McCarthy, 68
Brigid Doolan, 71
Mary Lang, 74
Mary Shannon, 73
Ellen O'Connor, 69
John Hill, 65
Charles Brown, 67
Patrick Shea, 65
John Rowan, 77
Andrew Rolf
George Bolish
Frank Kaminski, fireman
Mrs. Mary E. Schmidt
Margaret McConnell
Joseph Stehal
Alex Nixon
William Hainey
John Merkel
August Hammerle
Joseph Cassidy
James Kearns
Nick Lamberter
Owen Brady
George Hall
John Rohan
Samuel Hill
Pat Shea
Charles Brown
A. Swatger
Anthony Grabetzki
Michael O'Malley
James McGurk
John Madigan
C. W. Kelly
Charles Shubert
John Shea

Catholic Daughters of America Clubhouse
John Dreslin, 66
John Stiak, 79
James Mullen, 66
William Hogan, 68

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA 28 July 1931



Sisters of the Poor 1931 Fire

Thank you so much for putting this online. My great-great-grandmother died in this fire and this article will help to document her death.

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