Pittsburgh, PA Little Sisters of the Poor Home For Aged Disastrous Fire, July 1931

Pittsburgh, PA Little Sisters of the Poor Home For Aged Fire, July 1931


The Dead.

St. Francis Hospital
Ten dead. All unidentified.

West Penn Hospital
Eight dead. All unidentified.

Pittsburgh Hospital
Two dead. Both unidentified.

Homeopathic Hospital
Five dead. All unidentified.

Taken from ruins.
Six dead. All unidentified.


West Penn Hospital
William Conley, 70
Fifty overcome or injured.
William Bowers, 69
George Wyman, 73
James McNellis, 72, a paralytic
Michael Schmidt, 77
Hugh Ward, 74
Andrew Rahel, 77
James Cavanaugh, 83
David Mulaney, 63
John Enright, 72
Julius Lavoutch, 75
Nick Covich, 70
Mrs. Annie Campbell, 73
Mary Ellen Heineman, 72
Mrs. Eva Froehlich, 78
Linda Tuttle, 74
Mrs. Kate Mullen, 55
Alice Sebeis, 75
Mrs. Mary Smith, 48
Catherine Sarver, 82
Catherine O'Malley, 68
Mrs. Anna Lagley, 67
Mary Reagan, 70
Mary Conrad, 78
Amelia Schmidt, 70
Ellen Grant, 64
Minnie Lenz, 68
Winnie Butler, 62
Mary Buchele, 63
Sam Berry, 70
Susie Shupech, 70
Annie Goettman, 67
Margaret Cain, 80
Margaret Henrahan, 50
Emma Stevens, 73
Anna Ward, 69
Anne Bumba, 73
Catherine White, 70
Theresa Strump, 76
Mary Little, 64
Lizzie Byers, 68
Ada Lafferty, 75
Mary Connors, 66
Zacca Sabella, 75
Mary Horn, 65
Elizabeth McGray, 75
Flora Leary, 70
Unidentified woman.
Fireman R. H. McLaughlin, 35, 6803 Frankstown avenue, of No. 8 Engine company, lacerations of the chest.
Walter Grady, 32, 163 Banner way, volunteer rescuer, overcome by smoke.

St. Francis Hospital
Forty overcome or injured.
Timothy Dillon, 64, burned on ears and face
William Freund, 67
William Ryan, 64
John Brunide, 70
Michael Connolly, 69
William O. Smith, 71
James J. Mullen, 74
James Cooper, 67
John McGuire, 64
William Kramer, 69
Gabriel Urso, 70
John J. Davis, 70
Mrs. Mary Maloney, 71
R. Haganback, 69
Stephen Nashye, 63
Emily Blead, 63
Patrick Griffin, 70
Thomas F. Conlon, 69
James Cooper, 71
Thomas Rowe, 75
John Kanlowski, 67
Mrs. Frank Michlowski, 62
Dennis Keshley, 61
John Moloski, 61
Frank Burns, 70
John Nicholls, 69
Mrs. Marie Sweeney, 73, suffering from shock
Mrs. Susie Rupert, 73
Patrick O'Connell, 78
George Schwer, 68
George Wisner, 71
John Kawke, 66
John Kantorska, 64
Andrew Verin, 67
George Wasmer, 71



Sisters of the Poor 1931 Fire

Thank you so much for putting this online. My great-great-grandmother died in this fire and this article will help to document her death.

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