Turtle Creek, PA Flood, Jun 1894


A Wall of Water Sweeps Turtle Creek Valley in Pennsylvania.


And Several Human Lives Lost – The Inhabitants of the Villages in the Path of the Flood Flee Terror-Stricken to the Hills

BRADDOCK, Pa., June 19. – The extent of the damage by the cloudburst up the Turtle Creek valley about 5 o’clock Monday evening was much greater than first reports indicated. Several persons are missing, and there is but little doubt but that they were drowned. The force of the storm broke full upon the villages along Sandy creek and Plum creek. Growing crops were swept away and many buildings were wrecked. At Sandy Creek village the water rose in the streets to a depth of 10 feet. More than a dozen houses were washed away in the unprecedented torrent.
In one of the houses JOHN HODOOSKY, a miner, was sleeping. He was drowned while trying to escape through a second story window.
Michael Boseki fell into the creek and was carried away by the current.
Margaret Mossell, aged 15 years, fell from a skiff and has not been heard from since.
The inhabitants of the villages were terror-stricken by the awful storm, and fled in all directions. Rafts were hastily constructed, and many families were safely removed from their homes. The tidal wave that swept the Turtle Creek valley was nearly eight feet in height, and carried everything before it. At the New York & Cleveland Gas Coal Co.’s plant the damage is extensive. One hundred and fifty yards of railroad track was washed away. Tipple No. 4 was badly damaged and other buildings wrecked. At the new Westinghouse electric works several hundred feet of railroad track was destroyed and the road bed damaged. Fences, bridges, etc., have disappeared, and to-day the valley presents a sorry appearance. The money loss will aggregrate (sic) many thousand dollars.

The Weekly Herald Dispatch, Decatur, IL 24 Jun 1894