Lackawanna County, PA Houses Damaged by Mine Cave Ins, Aug 1921


Five properties situated in the lower district of Lackawanna county were badly damaged by mine caves yesterday One of the caves occurred in Old Forge causing heavy loss to four dwellings. Another cave damaged a house in Taylor The occupants of all five dwellings escaped without injury.

The Old Forge cave was said to have been caused by workings of the Pennsylvania Coal Company. It extended along Sibley avenue for a distance of 150 feet affecting the homes of John Percuson, Michael Otinsky, Frank Schosky and Mrs. Mary Pusa.

A property owned by the John Connolly Estate situated on Taylor street. Taylor, was damaged as the result of a cave that caused the building to tip forward for several feet. The Taylor cave occurred over the mine workings of the Glen Alden Coal Company.

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA 9 Aug 1921