Allegheny, PA Evergreen Hotel Explosion, Jul 1896

Gas Explosion in a Hotel.

Pittsburg, July 6.--By the explosion of natural gas at the Evergreen Hotel, seven miles north of Alleghany [sic], last evening, six persons were more or less injured, three, it is feared, fatally.

Those seriously hurt were:
August Stilzer, aged 38 years.
Ada Stilzer, 16 years old.
John Brooks, 30 years.
Mrs. Frank Marshall, 30 years.

The hotel was badly damaged by the explosion, which was caused by a leaking pipe.

The Fort Wayne Gazette, Fort Wayne, IN 7 Jul 1896


An explosion of natural gas at the Evergreen hotel, seven miles north of Allegheny, Pa., injured six persons, three fatally.

Freeborn County Standard, Albert Lea, MN 15 Jul 1896