Connellsville, PA Home Gas Explosion, Feb 1913


James Rush’s Home on York Avenue Is Damaged by Flames

An explosion of gas which escaped from a disconnected pipe in the rear room of their dwelling last night resulted in considerable damage at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Rush on Witter avenue.

The accident occurred shortly after 7 o’clock. A flame had been ignited in the gas stove of a bedroom on the first floor and after the occupant of the room had left the rubber hose connected the stove with the gas main became disconnected. The explosion followed.

The room rapidly filled with flames and soon the furniture and ornaments were on fire. An alarm from box No 511 brought the auto fire truck to the scene. Chief Haddock’s men gained the upper hand of the fire before it had communicated to any other part of the house.

The Daily Courier, Connellsville, PA 27 Feb 1913