Shenandoah, PA Business Section Fire, Apr 1931


Shenandoah, Pa., April 18 - Fire of undetermined origin early today destroyed the interior of four business buildings in the heart of this city, sent two families fleeing to the street and caused damage estimated at $200,000.
The blaze originated in the basement of a building owned by Dr. Nash Brennan and spread rapidly through the structure, destroying a chain grocery shop, Dr. Brennan's dental offices and a real estate and insurance office. It leaped to an adjoining shop, and then to another company and spread into the fourth building, containing small shops, before firemen could check its progress.
For a time, it was feared the flames would spread over the greater part of the downtown business district, but they were checked by a brick fire wall at one end of the block while firemen brought the blaze under control at the upper end.
One fireman, JOHN WILLIAMS, was overcome by smoke. He was given first aid treatment, revived and taken to his home.
The first was discovered by Abe Spoont, local manufacturer, who with his family occupied an apartment in one of the buildings. Spoont aroused his wife and children, fled to the street, and turned in an alarm.
The fire was put out after all available apparatus in the city battled against it for five hours.
City officials ordered an immediate investigation into the cause of the blaze.

Bradford Evening Star Pennsylvania 1931-04-18