York, PA Automobile Collision, May 1932



York, May 22 (AP) - Four men, all passengers of one car, were killed, and three others, the passengers of another car, were injured, one seriously, in a head-on automobile collision occurring on the Spring Grove Road, seven miles southwest of York, a short distance beyond the point where it branches off the Lincoln Highway yesterday. The accident, which was the worst motoring tragedy ever to occur in the county, was due to the efforts of one driver trying to pass a third machine.
The dead are:
CHARLES MENGES, 69, Spring Grove, a member of Spring Grove borough council, and a brother of former Congressman Franklin Menges; killed instantly.
HENRY DAY, 82, York Springs; killed instantly.
JOHN CLEAVER, 69, York Springs, died while being taken to the West Side Sanitarium.
ROBERT G. KESSLER, 72, Spring Grove, former county commissioner and secretary of the Spring Grove borough council, died at the West Side Sanitarium three and a half hours later.
All were passengers of ROBERT G. KESSLER'S car, who was driving.
The injured are:
FRANCIS WEAVER, 69, McSherrystown, who is in the West Side Sanitarium, with possible fracture of skull; condition serious.
His son, RICHARD WEAVER, injured about the legs, discharged after emergency treatment.
JAMES WITMER, Hanover, injuries of the leg, also discharged after emergency treatment.
They were all passengers of the elder WEAVER'S car, driven by his son.
Driving toward Spring Grove from York, MR. KESSLER is said by the coroner to have tried to pass another machine driven by Claude Lauchman, Nashville. WEAVER trying to avoid a collision turned far to the right side of the road and after being struck his machine was thrown down a bank, but did not upset.
The KESSLER car turned over several times in the middle of the road.
Lauchman's car is said to have struck the rear of KESSLER'S machine and he is under arrest on a charge of manslaughter, and failing to stop and render assistance following an accident. MR. WEAVER'S son, CHARLES, had been ordained as a priest of the Catholic church, Harrisburg, on Saturday morning.

Wilkes-Barre Record Pennsylvania 1932-05-23